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Beginner's Guide to Anal Play with the New We Vibe Ditto Anal Plug

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Why buy the We Vibe Ditto?

Welcome to the wonderful world of anal play! Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced practitioner you will find that Ditto is the perfect back door stimulator. What makes We Vibe products so special is the high level of research, development and technology that goes into every one of their products. Ditto is beautifully designed, with ergonomic curves designed for the most comfortable fit for a unisex butt plug. We Vibe Ditto is being released in Australia by the end of June 2017 so order now to make sure you don't miss out!

How to use the We Vibe Ditto Plug

Lubrication is one of the most important factors when beginning any kind of anal play so be sure to use a generous amount of a high quality lube on the butt plug as well as yourself. There are many anal lubricants available and they will all make your experience more pleasurable, but the best option by far is the We Vibe Personal Lubricant. We Vibe teamed up with the worlds leading lubricant company "Pjur" to formulate the ideal water-based lubricant for use with their silicone. You truly cannot find a better combo! 

When inserting the plug be sure to go slow and relax so that all of your muscles are loose. If you are tense it could make inserting the plug uncomfortable. The more relaxed you are the more pleasurable the experience will be. The key is to start slow and experiment with different positions to explore your favourite kind of stimulation. 

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Ditto can be inserted in two positions: forward or backward - why not try both to see how they change the experience! When worn in the forward position (diagram on the left) Ditto stimulates the most pleasurable erogenous zones for both males and females. Men - get ready to experience the ultimate P-spot stimulation ever!

Ditto can be enjoyed as a traditional butt plug without any vibration, but it really comes into it's own when you power it up. To turn it on you have three options, you can press the control button on the base of the plug, use the included remote, or sync it to your smartphone via the free We-Connect app. Just remember that if you want to switch between remote control operation and Smartphone control you have to sync, or pair the Ditto by holding down the control button for 5 seconds.

 We Vibe Ditto how to use guide troubleshooting help

How can I enjoy We Vibe Ditto with my partner vs on my own?

The fantastic thing about the Ditto anal plug is that it's one of those sex toys that is really versatile. An anal plug is a great way to spice up solo play as you can add an extra level of stimulation whilst leaving your hands free to focus on other areas. In fact it's usually best to try any new sex toy alone first so that you have a chance to get accustomed and comfortable with it. Once you become comfortable you can really have some fun by using the WeVibe Ditto as a couples vibrator during foreplay and partner sex. You will experience a new level of stimulation and a very powerful orgasm when you combine anal stimulation with partner sex.

Is the We-Vibe Ditto a good choice for your first anal sex toy?

The short answer is, "Absolutely!" Here's why: We Vibe products only use the best quality body-safe materials and they spend hundreds of hours of research and development in creating comfortable, ergonomic designs with a true understanding of the human body. WeVibe Ditto is the perfect size as its small enough for beginners yet it's shape and design mean that even more experienced users will not be left wanting more. You will notice it features a smooth tapered tip for easy insertion. It's vibration modes start will light vibration all the way to deep rumbling sensations so it's perfect for beginners as they can slowly increase the intensity as they go. Furthermore, care and maintenance of the Ditto butt plug could not be easier as unlike many other "cheap" anal vibrators it is 100% waterproof. Simply wash it with warm water and use a quality sex toy cleaner to disinfect it. With these simple steps your Ditto anal plug will stay in top condition and will last for years and years!

When will We Vibe Ditto be launched for sale in Australia?

The good news is that the wait is almost over and the We Vibe Ditto will be launched in June 2017 for sale in Australia. As always, we will have the first shipment of Australian stock and the best price guaranteed. If you would like to secure yourself one for launch why not order now on pre-sale? We will even refund the difference if the price drops between now and product launch. You can find the Ditto on pre-sale here.


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